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Corporate Magicians

Can Using Magicians And Illusionists For Corporate Event Entertainment Prove Worth It?

If you are a department head, mid-level manager, or higher within a business, the work you do isn’t the same as the daily responsibilities of front-line personnel. You have to look at the big picture, thinking ahead, learning from the past, handling many issues that your underlings might not ever fathom, and looking to the success of yourself, your division, and your entire company. While many who report to you might know their roles inside and out, show up five times a week, and then just do them for eight hours or whatever their shift is, you’ve got to do more than that.

One aspect of your work that might come up from time to time is putting together corporate events. These can be large gatherings of your people, like a company picnic, but it also might be a meeting, expo, or conference for your entire sector, with other companies and businesses sending representatives. You might even be just throwing a celebration or appreciation party for customers and professional relationships you have with contractors, third-party vendors, and other businesses you have tight connections with.

It might seem like a great intention to throw such an event, especially since you likely have some message or point you want to get across. No one is likely to show up if they feel like it’s going to be a commercial for something, but even if you’re hosting an event where people can network, learn, or just feel genuinely appreciated, you still need concrete particulars that might get them to show up. Live music and free food help, but actual entertainment can get people coming through your doors. People love free things, and if they can kill an afternoon or evening with some free food, drink, and entertainment, then they’re likely to accept your invitations.

Using magicians and illusionist for corporate event entertainment can prove rather useful in the right circumstances. If part of your event is going to be a small seated area, perhaps holding up to a hundred or so people at once, maybe even several hundred, then this can be a home run, especially with a good emcee. A good stage show can give people something to anchor their schedule around, but run multiple shows so that people have options as they drift in and out.

The right magician or illusionist will know a few things about his or her crowd and stay out of sensitive areas like religion or politics. For that matter though, they might poke fun at your industry and even tease your leadership a bit. Your employees are likely to get a good laugh by watching a manager disappear on stage. The magician or illusionist should also cater their act to the age of the crowd. Children, if present, should be entertained, but not so much that adults get bored and feel like they’re at yet another birthday party. When you find the right corporate entertainment act or professional, your event can be a smash.