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Corporate Comedians

Guidelines For Finding The Best Corporate Comedian For Your Next Corporate Event

It can be challenging to find the perfect comedian for your corporate event. One thing that you will need to consider is the type of comedian you want. For example, are you looking for funny comedy, a magician, ventriloquist? Fortunately, there is a guideline/checklist you can use when you are vetting comedic acts for your next corporate event.

The Type Of Act You Want

As mentioned, you will need to narrow down a particular type of comedian you want as your entertainment for the event. The options include:

• Speaker
• Juggler
• Magician
• Stand up

The majority of corporate entertainers place liberal amounts of comedy and humor in their performances. So, the fact that you decide to hire will be dependent on your personal preference.

Production Limitations

The next thing that you will need to do is consider any logistical limitations with the type of act you want to hire. For instance, think about the ceiling height, lighting, staging, and sound. At the very least, a standup comedian will need some staging and an adequate PA system to use. For another performer, all they may need is a microphone for their performance, especially if you hiring a band.

On the other hand, a juggler may need not only a wireless microphone but also sufficient ceiling height. If you are not sure about the production capabilities of your venue, speak with the comedian before hiring.

The Best Humor For Your Audience

You will also need to take into consideration the type of humor that will be the most entertaining for your audience. However, remember like most things in life, comedy is subjective, so you will not be able to please everyone.

You can consider the majority makeup of your group. Keep these specifications in mind:

• Age
• Gender
• Race
• Background
• Educational background
• Economic status

You would not want blue collar type comedy (think Larry the Cable Guy) at an event financial summit held in the Pacific Northwest. Conversely, a comedian who focuses on the life of an office worker would not necessarily be the best decision for a farmers’ event. So, describe the type of event you want with the company you are working with to get the best act.

The Rating You Want

If you are in doubt, always choose a comedian that will provide you with a G-rated corporate comedy act. You do not want to intentionally offend anyone who may be in your audience. However, if you have a group that is not easily offended, and is ready to ‘let loose’, you may choose a comedian that offers a PG-13 act. You will just need to let everyone know what they should expect.

Also, be sure to clearly address any language or topics that you do not want to be discussed at the event. Consider adding this into a contract in case you are concerned about offensive content.

A corporate comedian can bring a unique perspective to your workplace through humor. These are some things that you may want to ask and think about when looking for a comedian for your next corporate event.