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I have been a corporate entertainer for many years now. I managed to find my place in this very "special" environment of animation, according to an atypical path, to be discovered in the "Who am I? ".

Like you, I am passionate about music, parties, passionate about sound equipment and possibilities, new techniques. But my biggest motivation, my adrenaline, is the satisfaction of conquering a public by the various animations, the joy of seeing it, the time of an evening, spend an unforgettable moment. And all this, I learned it over time, trying, creating, innovating. It took me 25 years of experience and discovery.

Well today I decided to guide you and develop together the entertainer of tomorrow ... The evenings evolve with the world advancing. New technologies, video, the Internet, digital, have already entered the world of animation. But an important thing is totally irreplaceable ... the entertainer. The new technologies have certainly allowed many budding animators, individuals wanting to save on the "animation" post, to do their own animations ... How many fiascos? How many failed evenings? Hmm ... I hear about this problem every day ...

Yes, the entertainment does not consist of "passing CDs" or broadcasting from a computer MP3s ... Make a video editing, a slideshow, when to broadcast, how to settle in a room, know how to arrange a sound in a room, choose the material adapted to the capacity, the volume, to the materials which make it a felted or reasoning place .... It is a trade and it is learned.

Yes the animation is also knowing how to understand your client, but also know how to tell him "NO" when he is wrong. Why should a dance floor be 4 times less, in square meters, than the number of guests?

Yes the thing here is to create and to personalize the animation. You will not react in the same way to each of your customers. They are different. I hear very often "yet I do like my competitors, and I can not! ". Well, that's precisely why!

We will discuss ways to cultivate your personality as an event entertainer. Astonishing your customers will be a breeze and a headache for your competitors! You will know how to "sell yourself" and let your competitors "tweak" on evenings.

You will learn how, through video tutorials, you will become a leader in your region. And yet it is so simple!

No more searching for a complementary work during the week to pay for the equipment you are struggling to amortize for lack of money to your evenings at their true value.

The difference is personalization.

Dear net surfers, this is in a few words my philosophy and my vision of the future in our profession which is so exciting. I have spent years building what I am going to reveal to you in the weeks to come, because my will is to make this profession of passion, a recognized profession and to value it. The potential for work is enormous and has an undeniable future. In my next blog post, I will answer your queries, the same ones that were mine in the past.